The Family Platform
for audio and video

Over time our memories fade, but media never does and creating an archive of cherished moments and family messages is a wonderful legacy.

With today's technology it is both easy and affordable to build a library of your family - both old and young - and keep this for now and future generations. Our simple to use platform allows you to easily upload [and create] family memorabilia for your entire family and forever share with loved ones.


Having created and securely uploaded your videos or media you can then very easily share these with your family or friends - your CIRCLE.

It's very easy to allow any Circle member to enjoy your content and there will be no cost to them; you just need to list them by their e-Mail address and then they can very quickly access this site, ideally with saved cookies for instant access and enjoy your content any time.

It's just as easy to share you content on social media with easy `public` links to your workspace or if required upload a file.



All of your files are held in a secure personal workspace on a UK https:// server.

Your media can be downloaded or simply streamed on any device you choose or by those in your nominated circle. You may also make any file public with a simple link and if you decide share this on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

The below packages can easily be selected and the paid for options are billed monthly with no fuss. You can switch packages or revert back to the FREE service at any time.

Your payment details are equally safe and secure and never held by us. We use one of the world's most secure Payment Service Providers with complete transparency and there are no hidden fees.



5Gb of FREE Storage
3-member nominated CIRCLE


10Gb of Storage
10-member CIRCLE


20Gb of Storage
20-member CIRCLE


Unlimited Storage
Unlimited nominated CIRCLE